Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Departure date: June 21, 2008

As June approaches, we all rush to finish up our business and get ready for the trip. We've been meeting all year, exchanging ideas on what sorts of clothes make sense, what activities we should do, what gifts we should offer our hosts, wondering how the students will receive us, and how we will best fit in. Many of us have even invested in Rutooro lessons so that we will be able to attempt to make ourselves understood. Each of us has his or her personal goal that relates to our professional assignment, e.g. reading proficiency, a unit on science, shoring up their technology, but the collective goal of our trip is to promote collaboration and communication between our schools to enhance learning for both Ugandan and American students. Our hope is that this blog will set an example for how easy international communication can be. Visit our blog, follow our trip, and mwebalo muno (thank you all)!